Dating game

Dating game

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Dating game

This will be a great task for getting pupils chatting. I have tried personally it effectively with several various amounts and age brackets and now have unearthed that it is extremely able to encouraging teenagers to talk.

It really is especially helpful for practising appearance that is describing character and passions.


You shall require an array of flashcards of individuals, an assortment of many years and types.


  • Place a photo of an individual regarding the board and have the learning pupils to inform you his/her name, age and task. Write whatever they let you know in the board. In the beginning they might be a bit confused and think they will soon get the idea that they should know the person, but.
    • Then inquire further to physically describe him/her. Once more, write what they let you know regarding the board. Continue doing this means of his/her character and hobbies. You ought to end up getting a paragraph profile of the individual.
    • Browse the description of the person and elicit through the pupils that she or he just isn’t delighted because they’re solitary and wish to fulfill a man/woman.
    • Then stick to the procedure that is same to elicit a description of the individual which they wish to satisfy. In the final end of all of the this you should have two explanations.
    • Tell the learning pupils which you see most of these information in ‘lonely hearts’ pages in magazines and papers. Read more